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I have an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets.

I don't actually have an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets, but I love that joke from Wayne's World, because it was one of the ones I didn't get until way, way after I had first seen it.

I do however, have a nametag from this weekend job I've been holding on to in an effort to, I don't know, maintain a routine? But I think it's time I gave up that ghost and take some time off to hammer around on this computer a bit. Wait, does that sound like I'm sexually assaulting my computer? Well maybe I am. Don't judge me.

Anyway, thanks to all of the awesome folk who helped me share the cover for Mortal Gods this month. You're the best. I will draw ARC winners as soon as I have them in my grubby paws and know how many extra I can give away. The pub date got moved from September to October 14th, but I still expect them soonish.

Dylan and I depart soon for vacation in Paris, and when we return, we're moving house, so the blog will be quiet (ha, I say that like it's a rare occurrence) while we get settled. I detest moving. I try to keep from accumulating too much crap, but it turns out that crap is really sneaky. And I hate the idea of having a house, because I'm going to have to fill it with crap, and what's going to happen the next time I have to move house? Death, that's what. I miss the days when Americans lived in tipis and followed the buffalo. Mobility, man. That's the ticket.

Anybody watching Resurrection? I had the book gifted to me and like an idiot left it in a car on tour, but I started watching during this week's free watchathon and I enjoy it. I think. TV has so much to live up to post-True Detective. It's a real high water mark. Pre-True Detective, I was more forgiving.

On the writing front, for anyone following along, I finished the short story for the SLASHER GIRLS & MONSTER BOYS anthology and had the joy of reading April Genevieve Tucholke's contribution, "Trick the Willows". You guys are going to love it. And you only have to wait until 2015.

Secret Project C is in turnaround, re: a dying duck in a freezing pond, I'll see if I can thaw him out later, but I think I only wrote him for myself.  Meanwhile, Secret Project 3B is full steam ahead after a scrap and dismantle. Hopefully more deets soon. But maybe not.

Now, time to go get the mail before it gets dark and I get hit by a car.

Oh yeah, I updated the Sticky Post with some events and pre-order links for Mortal Gods, if you are so inclined :)
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