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ANTIGODDESS paperback cover!

They're here! The fancy schmancy new clothes the Goddess War books will be wearing! Okay, so it's just the first one, the paperback cover for ANTIGODDESS:

Thoughts? I like the way the owl in the nearest branch is staring at Athena. I like to imagine he is saying, "Yeah, thems my feathers. Comin outcha ya throat. And your ribs. Andja eye-balls." Because I like to imagine he has the same voice as the CPR instructor from Family Guy.

I also enjoy how the "G" seems to have gone right on ahead and stabbed somebody. Which is what a true G would do.

Back yesterday from Florida and a lovely school visit with extremely talented and thoughtful students. My howdy, they know how to do some mean charades in Delray Beach.

Slice of non-writing life: my beloved car, affectionately named 'Spot' was sitting in a mall parking lot the other day minding his own business, when someone jumped the curb and smashed into him, killing him instantly. Spot, you will be missed. Thank goodness that his car buddies, a small plastic Moose named "Goat", and a hand-painted wooden snail named "Frank N. Furter" were not harmed, or I would have been forced to rage out on the lovely gentleman who was not obeying traffic laws.

I'm kidding. Don't road rage on anyone, obviously. That shit is dangerous.

Also unrelated: read an article while waiting at the airport about how some dude wrote an article saying girls with short hair were damaged. Deranged. Abrasive. Because long hair is obviously attractive to men and a girl who would chop off those sexytimes locks is clearly not in the right state of mind.

That article seemed like linkbait, but still, to the guy who may or may not really feel this way, there are lots of mature responses. But this is mine:

How bout you shut your stupid face, guy who doesn't know about the hundred or so reasons someone will do something to their hair!

Besides, if we're going to question hair choices, why not start with the rat tail? Offensive to rats? Or just turtlenecks? Discuss.


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Melissa 'Maas' Goldsmith
Jan. 30th, 2014 02:32 am (UTC)
In a word: deranged. Made me smile, but only to myself because I am extremely abrasive.
I'm sorry about Spot, unless I shouldn't be, and then I won't be.
Jan. 30th, 2014 02:59 am (UTC)
Re: Ha
Yes, you are quite abrasive. Like one, person-shaped, short-haired emory board.

Also, yes, be sorry. Spot would have lived forever. Instead he only lived long enough for me to put new brakes on him, flush his transmission system, and fill his gas tank. I am off to the dump with a siphoning tool!
Jan. 30th, 2014 05:14 am (UTC)
I know I told you this forever, but I love and adore the cover.

Poor Spot. *sniff*
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