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I want a name, I want it so it can cut glass, you know, razor sharp. (Celebration! Announcements!)

Those of you film aficionados will know that the title today is from Boogie Nights, when Mark Wahlberg is trying to choose his porn name. I picked it for a reason. Hang with me.

But first, I finished a book today. Pretty much right now. ANTIGODDESS 3, in the can. And I will whoop and holler about it, because it is freshly finished, and I always allow one day for it to feel perfect before I go back and fix everything that is inevitably wrong with it. Later, my editor will fix everything else. Four times or so.

But today! Today it is perfect! It is rock solid, going down to Chinatown perfect. If that is a thing.

So, to celebrate, I'm going to announce some stuff, because why not. How about some trilogy titles? So I no longer have to call the books ANTIGODDESS 2 and ANTIGODDESS 3? See why I chose the "razor sharp" name-related movie quote? Hanging with me pays off.

Okay, so, *drumroll* the second book is officially titled:

ANTIGODDESS 2: The Return of Dirk Diggler.

and the third is:

ANTIGODDESS 3: The Revenge of Chest Rockwell.

Not really. But that would be awesome. Book two's title is actually ARISTEIA. What the hell is an aristeia? Well, I'll tell you. It's the moment in an epic poem like The Iliad where a hero has their finest, bloodiest battle. Like an exhibition of badassery. A time when they've never killed so much before, or killed it so very, very dead. When they're untouchable. When they're almost gods.

Book three is called FATALISTE. Because...because...because it's a pretty word, and I like it. Not everything has to be super deep, you know what I'm saying?

Another bit of announcement, the Goddess War series will release pretty quick. Very little time between books. Maybe six months, or eight. Excellent. I hope you enjoy lots of books, flying at you.

And another bit of announcement: the Goddess War series has been picked up by my UK/AZ publisher, Hachette/Orchard! I think they're releasing about the same time! And also, should be in Greece! And Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares are headed to Greece! Which is great, because I love Greece. There are many photos of me doing posing like fine Greek statues or mugging it in front of the Acropolis. Souvlaki rules.

And just one more thing. If you have pre-ordered ANTIGODDESS already I want to say thank you. So if you have, and would like a signed bookplate and/or doodle, please email me at with your name, address and doodle requests, and tell me where you pre-ordered from. Fair warning, I doodle for crap. But I'll do it, if you want it. Expect stick figures. This is limited to US only residents, because, well, Postage!

Also, this is not to entice people to pre-order if they weren't going to. It's just meant as a thank you, for those supporting my writing, and wanting to read it, and helping the Goddess War get a running start. There will be a formal pre-order/release week thank you contest running later on. Those of you who request bookplates now can still enter that one. You just won't get two bookplates. Unless you order two copies of ANTIGODDESS. I'll do a bookplate for every copy.

I probably don't have to say this, because you guys are excellent, but no being sneaky and getting bookplates for an old copy of Anna or Girl of Nightmares. I might do that at some point, but this one is just for ANTIGODDESS pre-orders.

PS, those wondering what the H a bookplate is, it's a square sticker that I can personalize and sign, and you can stick it in your book to make it a signed copy.
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