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Girl of Nightmares Final Cover and some LA Festival of Books Stuff.

Might as well post this at the beginning:

Ooooh, she's gritty. And there's sparkage!

What do you think? Like? Dislike? I think there's more of a definite connection now between the cover of ANNA and the cover of GIRL. And the tortured baddies at the bottom pop more.

Anyway, I've been largely MIA, and for those of you waiting for the next ARC giveaway, I apologize. I'm going to run it as soon as I get back from Chicago, sometime next week. Where I will be at IRA. With the excellent Kristen Simmons (ARTICLE 5).

Last weekend, I was at the LA Times Festival of Books, which was excellent. They gave me a badge and everything, so I got to live my lifelong dream of Wayne Campbell-ing through the backstage area.

Is this cool? We're not mental or anything.

With it, I was able to get into the Anne Rice panel, and listened to her talk about The Wolf Gift (that I have yet to read) and her career and stuff, and it was excellent. She was all, in real life and stuff.

I was also on a panel with Robin LeFevers (GRAVE MERCY) and Josephine Angelini (STARCROSSED). Both very cool ladies. Cecil Castellucci moderated and if you haven't read her FIRST DAY ON EARTH, you should. It's short and poignant. I was tired as a mutt pretty much the whole time, because I get crazy airsick and have to OD on dramamine which basically dehydrates your soul. The only thing that sustained me were the lemon squares in the green room.

And now to return to work on ANTIGODDESS #2.
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