May 2nd, 2013

ANTIGODDESS ARCs are here! So I'm giving some away!

So, this title is pretty self-explanatory. I have ARCs of ANTIGODDESS, and I'm giving some away. Three of them, this first round. I'll do a second round later, when I'm not so frazzled in between travel and can think of something fun (for myself) to do with it.

Here's a crappy photo to serve as physical proof of their existence:

Here's how to enter! First, qualifications. 1. Be a reader. Are you a reader? Excellent. Then you are kickass, and have an unalienable right to walk shoulders back and nose to ceiling.

Now, for the actual how: Leave a comment here. And/Or at the official ANTIGODDESS Facebook page. This gives you the ability to enter TWICE. And I would so much appreciate if you would like the page. Never done one of these here Facebook pages for the books before. Anna has one, but someone else set it up, and that is awesome.

Wait, wait, there's more how. In your comment, you have to tell me your favorite deity. Can be a Greek god, or their Roman counterpart, or Egyptian, or Hindu, or Norse, or whatever. It can be She-Ra. She totally counts. It can be Batman. Why not? But if you say The Wonder Twins, there will be debate.

Three ARCs are up for grabs. I hope you enjoy the read. I hope you enjoy it enough to recommend it to others, or ask your local library to stock it. If you happen to enjoy it enough to pre-order, remember I'm doing bookplates for everyone who emails me with their order info (not like credit card info or personal stuff, just where you ordered!) to US only, because, postage. Which reminds me.

This giveaway is US only. Winners will be randomly drawn on Thursday, May 9th!!! And thank you so much, for wanting to give ANTIGODDESS a try.