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Unless I am wrong, I am never wrong.

That line is from The Princess Bride, spoken by Prince Humperdink. Every time I watch that movie, I find a new line to love. Or a new bit of performance to treasure. Or just a new view of Carey Elwes. Whatever.

So, I returned from Comic Con, and it was fun, panel was great, signing was great, and it was a spectacle, and though I have pictures, I'm only going to post this one, because, Bronies.


If you are a true Brony, a guy who likes My Little Pony because My Little Pony is awesome, I salute you, and you are awesome, and call me anytime. However, if you are a Brony, in that you are a guy who wants to bone ponies, kindly back the hell out of my blog, please and thank you. Sadly, I don't think things like this "Equestria Girls" are helping. They look a whole lot like the offspring of a My Little Pony and one of those boner Bronies I was just talking about.

Anyway, Dylan's in Mongolia, where I hope he's enjoying some fine Yak milk, and I'm here trying to write while at the same time having to pluck Tyrion Cattister off of a screaming Tybalt every five minutes. War is Hell. Kittens are Hell. Kittens are War.

I've updated the Sticky Post with Antigoddess tour dates. I really hope to see some of you on the road. I.e., dear god, please come hang out with me.

Shortly before Antigoddess comes out (on September 10th! I hope you'll give it a whirl!) there will be a trailer. From what I understand it's going to be a cool trailer, live action, they spent days shooting in the desert and I liked the script when I read it. I'm excited, I love book trailers. Remember the one for The Diviners? That was bitchin.

Oh, on the subject of bitchin, there were two excellent covers revealed recently by my Tor sisters Mindee Arnett and Kristen Simmons that you should see:
Nightmare DilemmaThree
How excellent are these? I haven't read either, mind you, (a fact about which I am bitter) but I loved the Nightmare Affair, and both Article 5 and Breaking Point. Mindee showed me an earlier version of the Dilemma cover and it was a cool green. But I love the blue, and it will look mighty fine on the shelf. Maybe they'll save the green for #3.

That's about it for now. I'll be in a writing cave for the next few weeks, working on something new and still too young to be talked about (but it's not another Cas book, believe me if it was another Cas book I would spill those beans.)


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Aug. 2nd, 2013 02:33 am (UTC)
IF YOU COME TO PHOENIX SOMEONE WILL HANG OUT WITH YOU. Sending a photo of me on a stick is just not the same. I don't think it is.

And please remember to come out of the cave and breathe. Otherwise I have to stalk you and it's awkward for all involved.
Aug. 5th, 2013 11:47 pm (UTC)
Seriously, that photo on a stick could have gotten up to some great antics at Comic Con. Would people have thought I was crazy? Sure. Might I have been arrested? Possibly. But without people thinking you're nuts and the possibility of getting arrested, where's the fun in life?

P.S. Are there any cool indie bookstores in Phoenix?
D'Aulan Collins
Sep. 19th, 2013 11:21 pm (UTC)
wow! loved it
I bought the kindle version of Anna dressed in blood yesterday so desperate to find something different to read. I read it in less then 24 hours. It was excellent, I couldn't walk away from it. I have just purchased the second book for my kindle, You are my new favorite author. Keep it up. Thank you so much!

Oct. 17th, 2013 01:16 am (UTC)
Re: wow! loved it
Wow, less than 24 hours. That's speedy indeed. So glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed Girl of Nightmares, too! Thank you for reading, and letting me know what you thought!
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